Oct. 15, 2020 7:00 PM

Watch this interview of one of our recent outstanding graduates!

Scholarship Opportunity

The requirements for submission include:

  • The essay must be about one of the Distinguished Alumni.

    Student must be currently enrolled, and eligible for scholarship in Spring of 2021.  

  • There will only be one winner for each Alumni in the Spotlight interview (one scholarship per student—student can only win once) 

  • Student must register and attend the interview to be considered for the scholarship

  • Student will need to submit a 500-750 word essay that answers the following questions: 

    1. Describe what motivates you to be involved at ESU and how this has directly impacted your life? 

    2. From this interview, what stood out and why was it meaningful? 

    3. How can you relate to any adversity or challenges the interviewee presented (and the ways they overcame them)? 

    4. Name 2-3 principles about leadership you learned from this interview and related them to your own leadership philosophy? 

    5. Based on what you heard, what steps will you take to prepare for future success? 

  • Each question will be weighted at 20 points with 100 points possible.


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