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  • New partnerships to streamline promotion and message including Marketing and Media Relations, Undergraduate Admissions, and the Center for Student Involvement

  • New and updated digital signage in Butcher Education Center, Memorial Union, and Roosevelt Hall.

  • Greater cross platform integration with all-new services Hornet Central and Hornet Calendar, as well as existing services like Hornet Announcement

  • Separation of Hornet TV digital signage from Hornet TV Live Events and Hornet TV Video to better clarify services.

  • Updated designs with easier to read layouts.

  • Refocus on campus engagement, including with visitors to campus.

  • Updated Hornet TV+ services that allows sign owners to customize their signs in a way that showcases their department, programs, etc.

  • Submission of posters for Hornet TV is now simpler and becomes part of the new unified submission format. One place, one form to submit and promote your event, activity, class or information to the campus community.

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